Sold out or Out of stock modifier

Hi is there any way that i can put a modifier as sold out?

I saw a solution but it seems only applicable to product …

I am not using inventory or stock module


Do you mean a tag?
You might be able to tap in useing the order tagged rule event.
Not sure what you would check against as don’t use inventory.

Yup an order tag … maybe i will try to compare against description or filter …

But if you want it too decrease as used you’ll need something you can update pragmatically.
Can’t thing of any actions/script to update actual tag only the tag instance in the order.
You might be able to use program settings but would be a messy setup.

Sorry, I just don’t see the point of using an Order Tag. Sure, you can Tag the Order to indicate that it is Sold Out, but then what? What do you expect to do with it after that?

The point of having a counter on a Product is that it will remove the Order from the Ticket. I suppose you can do that with an Order Tag on a Product, but the the principle will be the same in the end, right?

I think he means stock control on order tags rather than to tag with ‘sold out’…

Ok, so you have an Order Tag (Group) named Stock Status.

You have a a Tag (Value) in that Group named Stock Count.

Use the Tag Note to control/update the Count for each time the Order is sold.

Use a Program Setting named by the Product Name to store the count, and apply it to the Tag Note.

So on Order Tagged Event, update the Tag Note using the Program Setting (again the setting which corresponds to the Product Name), which decreases each time an Order is added, or Tagged.

Seems unnecessarily complex. The quick setup that I showed is similar, using a Program Setting that uses the Product Name anyway. Why use an Order Tag (Note) in addition to that?

Sorry if my thread cause some misunderstanding …

I have a product called waffles

I use order tags for ice cream flavours that come along with the waffle

Let’s say some ice cream flavours are sold out … how am I able to remove or somehow visually show these flavours are sold out to the cashier

Unmapping… Changing tags name… Ie: ‘Vanilla (Sold Out)’
Not sure if we can set max 0 to disable.
If it’s a manual setting and not inventory/count based you can just do many ways.