[SOLVED] How to create an option for Takeaway - Collection or Online Order

Hi, I have setup 1 Entity Type: Table. Entities are my tables including Takeaway button. 1 Entity Screens: All Tables.

We have recently started to take online orders. What we would like to achieve:

  1. When we press Takeaway button - offer phone order or online-order
  2. We are currently setup for phone order, so no issue there :slight_smile:
  3. Online-Order: Allow Manager to enter custom amount, which would be the bill amount received for online-order. Then manager would follow standard Settle Bill work flow. Task complete.

The reason I would like to use this process is so when end of day report is printed all online-order would fall under Takeaway Table Name. I am trying to keep this as simple as possible.

I am happy to consider an alternative solution for my scenario.

Many thanks, in advance.
PS: Happy to share screen dumps or codes if required.

Maybe ticket entity changed rule with new entity = takeaway constraint, triggering an ask question for phone or online.
Phone is just ‘ok’ and goes to ticket, online triggers an add order action with [?Price] prompt on he order price for an online order product so price can be entered and adds the online order product and goes to ticket screen to be completed as normal?
You didnt explain how online orders work re products, sounds kindof like you want to just as a ‘misc’/open price product to create ticket with corect total?


Our online orders are from likes of Deliveroo and JustEat. As you know they send the order through their own printer with Sub-Total. We would like to capture this in our WorkBook. online products are different from Dine-In and Phone order, hence it would be ideal to have ‘misc’/open price product to create ticket with correct total.

I like your 1st solution but sounds like a lot coding? 2nd solution sounds more simple, no?

I have created ‘misc’/open price product with £1.00 and change price button for my solution. Thanks

Fair enough, you could probably streamline that a bit by forcing price selection on order added (I do my open priced products with a custom product tag and order added rule which looks for open prices tag is not null to force update price) or a prompt on ask question like suggested above but if it works for you that’s the main thing.