[Solved] How to create an order tag group?


Can someone please explain how to make an order tag group? I have lots of order tags and they won’t fit onto the screen without scrolling.

I remember in v4 there was an option under display settings to create an order tag group. So you could press the group button and all the order tags show up underneath

I have tried using the “group tag” in v5 but it only let’s me toggle between different order tags, not show them all.


You can use SUB Tags like:


Or you can create multiple Order Tag Names and put smaller amount of tags inside them.

Screenshots help us visualize what you need btw.

OK will give it a shot, can’t seem to find the sub tag button, could you kindly point it out? :smile:

Edit: will upload screen shots, just getting home in 5 mins

There isnt one you literally type them like I showed.

Finally home (everythings a lot easier on a laptop than a stupid tablet)

Found what i was looking for, was a tutorial by emre on using prefix to group order tags. I’ve done that, however the issue is that everything comes out at $0 even though some of the order tags have prices. I’m using these to implement a meal deal (with the option of upgrading to a premium side for $1). The way prefixes is set is brillant as it only lets 1 order tag be chosen, so i dont get customers with a regular side AND a premium side by mistake.

Any ideas as does prefix not seem to support prices and should I try the other method you recommended and drop prefixes. Thanks
(please note, screenshots show a rate of 1, i changed this to 0 and it still didnt work)

Kendash’s suggestion wasn’t prefix it was subtags.
Yours would be;
Regular.Potato Wedges
Regular.Onion Rings
Premium.Cheesy Chips
Premium.Sweet Potato

Take out prefixes and add regular and premium tags then prefix the actual tags with regular. and premium.
This will create groups of tags.
Prefix probably overwrites price as the tag is no longer Cheesy Chips its Premium Cheesy Chips which is not a tag with a price.

Worked a treat.Thanks both of you :smile:

Installing Samba on a 10" tablet to begin with, as you can imagine there isn’t much space for order tags due to the widescreen nature. By using the subtags and changing the button size, managed to get everything sorted!

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