[Solved] Request for product options

Noo wait a minute…

What we are talking about here has no relationship with inventory. Adding constraints production by using actual inventory numbers is not practical. You need to record all purchases immediately and also track all possible wastes and record them immediately too. It does not work such way in real life.

What requested here is we can sell 100 portions of onion soup in a day and when we sell 100 portions we won’t be able to sell more. It does not relates with if we have enough onion to produce more soup…


lol @QMcKay said exactly same thing…

Onion soup is nasty btw.

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So Is there an action To Update Product Tag?

Yes. Update order. Look at that action.

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I don’t see anything pertaining to Product Tag Captions / Custom Tags

To be clear, we’re talking about Reading and Updating these values…

Though, if you read my post again, we don’t really need it - we can use a Program Setting instead, but it would still be nice to have the ability to use Product Tag directly.

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Read Inventory Values doesn’t just read the physical or predicted inventory count for a specific inventory item?

Your right I was thinking of something else.

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But you could have an idea of how much you’re supposed to have left and check manually when you’re getting close, no?
In my business for example, there’s little waste and all purchases and waste have to be registered immediately, so most inventory numbers should never be off by more than a certain margin.

Thenks @QMcKay
Limiting number of Items Sold

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@pipo regarding original post I was talking about disallowing item sales by calculating how much items you can produce with your current inventory -on the fly-. For example disallowing hamburger sales because your ketchup inventory decreased below 0.

Tracking critical levels for individual inventory items is something different and it is in our to do list.


This only works in real time on the server… Our terminal users had to logout, and login again Every time a product tag was changed. Not practical. The Message server seemed to work fine, exept for this. Could this Be solved?

Did you tried to broadcast the Update Program Setting Item Count values using broadcast message action and update terminals with message received action?

Also check that update program setting item count action is not local

sorry, i replied to the message of emre at the beginning
this is my rule (‘beschikbaar’=available)

what should i put in the command field?

do i put this extra action in the same rule as above?

Show a screenshot of this cancel order action.

it is the standard cancel action

Okay let me test it on my network.

@steakresto follow this tutorial it’s a much beter way and works just fine on terminals.
Limiting number of Items Sold
You can also lern from this tutorial how to lock items manually if yo don’t like to limit them on every work period.

that doesn’t work for me… i have more then 40 items;
@emre… is this a bug? or works as designed?
when i update an item tag in the backend application
the terminals (ipads) have to logout and login again to see the modification.
A real time available-indicator in the next version would be nice

Yes it works as designed.

You can use Reset Cache action to clear local cache.

To force all terminals to reset their cache use Broadcast Message action to send a message server message to all terminals and use Message Received rule to capture that message and execute Reset Cache action.

Implementing something to auto reset product changes might be useful. I’ll add that to todo list.