[SOLVED] Select all orders at once


I need to create automation command to select all orders instead selecting them one by one to execute any action. For example, ticket has 10 orders submitted and I want to gift them all by selecting them all at once.

I created an action “Select all orders”, created automation command and rule for it, but it seems not working.

Could anyone help what am I doing wrong?


From what you have said, no, you’ll need to share what you setup for anyone to offer comments on any mistakes.

Here is my setup for “Select all orders”

So it has no idea what orders to select. You didn’t tell it order Id or state.

Tell it to select all in a specific state

I also don’t see an action to set it to gift.

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You have clear selection selected, try unchecked that.


Yes, it was the problem which don’t allow to select orders, I missed this part. Thanks.

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The main purpose here is not to make orders “gift” actually, command needed to select all orders. I set Order state “New” to select new orders, it is not selecting submitted orders (even I tried to separate them by comma in “Order state”), but it should work for customer. Thanks for helping out.

Yes sorry you were not very clear. Glad you were able to solve it.

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Clear selected would be after automation associated, if you were gifting in that same command rule they would get selected gifted and unselected.
Since you was 2 step flow you need to unselect that option to leave orders selected