[SOLVED] Ticket Tag Force Selection - Still lets me settle payment if none selected


Was hoping someone could help me with the following issue.
My workflow:
Customer orders -> Employee MUST mark ticket tag as delivery or eat in -> Order placed on “Hold” -> Food ready -> Ticket brought up -> Cash tendered -> Receipt prints
(If the employee doesn’t mark the ticket, then it won’t let him close or settle the ticket.)

I have implemented a button using ticket tags with force selection to mark the ticket as “Delivery” or “Eat In”. It won’t let me hold the ticket until it is tagged, which is what I wanted.
The only problem is that if the employee forgets to mark it, it still lets them settle the ticket, tender cash and a receipt is printed - only after this does it come up with a pop up box saying “Must select delivery / eat in”. The receipt doesn’t have the ticket tag on either. Ideally this pop up box should come when the employee hits “settle”

Any ideas of how to force a ticket tag before pressing “Settle”?

Ticket marked as delivery.

Ticket settled and receipt prints out showing ticket tag

However, if the employee “forgets” the force ticket tag, they are able to click the settle button.

Receipt therefore won’t show tag.


Show screenshots of your Actions and Rules for the setup.

Chances are you just need to constrain the Settle button in some way.

If I understand correctly, you will need to add a constraint to the rule which looks for the settle automation command being pressed.
Something along the lines of matches any; with ticket tag = eat in and ticket tag = eat out - or whatever your tags are.
That would bean that the settle button would only work if one of the tags has been selected.


There isn’t any actions/rules/ACs for this - I followed @emre guide for a “hold button” ticket tag and added Sub Tags for Delivery and Eat In

I assume I’d have to redesign the workflow based on an action that allows me to update ticket tag?

Ok, so you have a Delivery Eat In Tag Group with 2 sub-tags of Delivery and Eat In, correct?

If that is the case, open the Rule that handles the Settle button, and add a constraint which will prevent the button from being used if the Delivery Eat In Tag is not set.

And here is an alternative, which does the same thing in a different way, and even displays a message using the Show Message Action…

The first Action (MSG TEST) has this constraint:

'{TICKET TAG:Delivery Eat In}'==''

The second Action (Display Payment Screen) has this constraint:

'{TICKET TAG:Delivery Eat In}'!=''

So this is what happens when you click Settle with no Tag selected…


Your question was about preventing settle without a tag.
If you constrain the settle button to require the tag it will not work unless the tag is set.
You could also possibly setup a prompt on a second rule for settle button which tells the user tag is not set yet.

Works perfectly! Ended up going with the second method.

Thanks for the help everyone.

Sorry, just encountered a problem with the method @QMcKay came up with (the second method).
It works perfectly, however when I select a customer and try to close the ticket without a ticket tag, it displays the pop up, once i click “ok” the whole ticket automatically clears. This only happens if a customer is selected.
Screenshots attached.

Regards, Kamal

Look for the Rule for the Close button, and add the same types of constraints for it as you did the Settle button.

By default, this Rule is named Close Ticket Rule.

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:+1: Sorted. Thank you.