[SOLVED] v5 Purchased, but doesn't show up on Samba Market!

I just officially purchased SambaPOS v5, paypal approved, however my sambamarket username (us3598) doesn’t show the product, nor will the software internally activate. Suggestions?

I don’t think licence allocation is always instant, if there are any issues @emre will certainly investigate and sort it out swiftly.

Understood. I waited 30 min before posting, so hopefully it will allocate those here shortly. I will send @emre a PM. Thanks!

Only concern is we are open, and that message to ‘click here to add item to ticket’ is really slowing down my staff. I appreciate your help, and will mark this thread ‘Solved’. Hopefully @emre can get this solved quickly! Thanks again for your quick responses and awesome product!

It should work fine now. Can you please check that?

NVM, works now. Thanks!! You are awesome @emre!!

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