[Solved] Waiter settlement type

Hiya guys, a simple problem…

Currently If a waiter has less money in their float compared to what the Work Period Report amount it is reporting, it is very difficult to look for a table settled wrongly.

I would like to be able to see what tables are settled by cash and what is settled by card, it should be shown in the Tickets report.


I have uploaded EMRE’s log file from this post:

But it seems to have a couple of columns with missing data.

You need to use a custom report for this.

All columns are filled with data in your screenshot… what ones you think have no data?

Emre explained the rules as following…

[:ProcessedAmount] [:PaymentType] Settled!

I assumed Payment Type would then say …Cash or card or Voucher

So show your rule that has the action populating the log.

Change it to this:

[:ProcessedAmount] [:PaymentTypeName] Settled!

Sorry, but that did not change anything QMcKay.

It will only help for new log entries. Nothing you can do for old ones at this point.

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You’re a star, works!