Some beginner problems

hi before starting this software is so great but… i have some problems first to all sorry for my bat gramar in english.

1.- her in my city make a suggested tip if the costumer want he give that or more
for example:
sub total 100
sugges tip 10
total 110
but how i can modify the tip if the costumer give lees or more
i follow the tutorial her to add a tips botton but after i add i can modify the account
2.- how i change the lenguage to spanish
3.- how i modify the number of tables (done)
4.- can i add a image to the tickets

ok this is all lol tnx

Can answer a couple of those,
Language wise, you can obviously change allot of the POS side by changing the button headers for automation commands etc however some is hard coded however believe increased language support is a high priority for emre.

As for image there are two main ways,
Best one is to use the printer driver/utility to load the logo into the printer memory, this is then set either to print at as retain point like top middle within the printer setting a or can be triggered with an xct code similar to the drawer kick code you probably have for openi the cash drawer.
Another option is using tag is printer template - have a search on forum for more details However this open results in very slow printing of the logo compaired to loading into the printers memory.

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