Some more Reports

Hello emre,

Still on the way to go live with your software, everything goes smoothly.
About the report, I read that you are working on it.
In the mean time, could you help me by giving me an SQL syntax in order to extract the information I need to give monthly to my accountant ?

Needed data:

Ticket number | Pay Date | amount | [customer] | [customer's VAT number] | Ticket Note | account (cash, Credit cards, on account, voucher)

Thank you for your soft.



I can find:

  • in the Ticket table: Ticket number | Pay Date | amount | Ticket Note
  • In the AccountTransactions table: Cash or card, … through AccountTransactionDocumentId and TypeID=4
  • in the Entities table: the customer information, but I cannot figure out where is the link between the ticket and the customer