Some Printing Questions

I have 3 departments, Dine In, Takeaway, Delivery. Delivery and Takeaway use the same Menu.

When In delivery the receipt prints when the Ticket is settled, this is fine for takeaway and Dine in. I am using the Custom Package Delivery System and it works great but I would prefer to print out 2 receipts when the delivery ticket is closed and sent to the Custom Package Delivery System.

2nd question

When in Takeaway department I would really only need to print a receipt if someone asked for one. Is it possible to create a button in the POS to easily turn printing on and off without having to go into Manage. I used a system years ago and it was possible to turn receipt printing off by pressing F11 or by mapping a button on the POS to F11?

No you would have to go into manage to manage the configuration. But just in case this might be a terminology conflict… Yes you can go to manage/automation and use Automation buttons, Actions, and Rules to create a button that does that. You should study states this will help you accomplish what you want.

This conversation might help but its long and somewhat hard to follow.

Haven’t done any work with departments so not sure if you can add constraints based on department should be easy to define the number of coppies based on it, if not based on a seperat state/tag which the x2 print action looks for.

You could change to no receipt by default and have a print receipt on a change message ask question;

You could change to no receipt by default and have a print receipt on a change message ask question;

Could you explain how to do this that might work.?

Urm… Am not at the PC now for the evening.
Have a search on the formun, you’ll find it.
Look at ask question Chang message and then add the print last receipt function on a second button :smile:
Am on my phone now else I would give a link but tricky on the phone lol

@JTRTech Could you send me a link when you can. I tried [New 4.1.37] Ask Question Action

It asks the question OK but still prints if I click Yes or No, I presume I’m missing a rule or something

Yea need to create a rule that determines what happens when yes and no are pressed, the print receipt action should only be in the yes rule and in no other rule.

Yes or No would be Command Value in an Automation Command Executed rule. Command Value would be a Custom Constraint.

Have you changed the print action you have before to print every time?
Also is the print action in the same rule as the ask question? Thats a common mistake as needs to be in its own automation command executed rule looking for the ‘yes’ of the ask question.

Thanks for the help I got it working.