Some questions, random ones

Okay so I have a couple of questions.

  • Is SambaPOS Open Source? Where is the source code?
  • Where can I get V3?
  • Can I have the names of the companies allowed to re-sell this software? because I got “scammed” and actually bought a free software, and it will go legal against the company who sold it.
  • I only have “Order Tags” not “Order Group Tags” that means I’m not able to map a tag to a category, why is that?


It is open source up to v3.

v4 and the upcoming v5 are closed source. There is virtually no good reason to use v3, and it is no longer supported.

An Order Tag Group would be something like “Vegetables”
The Order Tags of that Group would be things like Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber.

Okay, I have an issue, it’s not worth the new topic, well basically this is my software…

No icons. lol how can I fix this?

Re-install as Administrator, and when prompted to replace Segoe UI Symbol font, choose Yes.

Okay, will do
And what do I do now? I can’t map a tag to a category :confused:

Do you mean the Product Group?

But that makes all order tags to Soups, no?

Any item you assign the soup group to will be able to access the order tags for that group

Oh wait… so I have to put “Product Tag” for each product, or it’s not related?

What Category are you talking about?

The Name of the Order Tag Group is the Category for that group of Tags (Order Tag List). You then map the Order Tag Group to Products as you see fit.

If it is a “General Modifiers”, containing things like Salt, Pepper, Mustard, Ketchup, and you want to have that Group/Category (General Modifiers) available to all Products, then leave the Mapping all asterisks.

Another Group/Category might be “Veggies”, containing Order Tags like Tomato, Onion, Lettuce. If you want that Group/Category only available to Sandwiches, you set the mapping to the Product Group Sandwiches. Later if you realize that you also want to be able to use those Modifiers on your Pizzas, you add another line to the Mapping and select the Pizzas Product Group.

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Oh wait… so I have to put “Product Tag” for each product, or it’s not related?

Each product has to be assigned a product group for that mapping to work yes…

You might need to explain more about this situation because its not illegal to sell SambaPOS solutions as long as you leave credit where credit is due. In other words it has to be clear that it is SambaPOS and it can not be repackaged like you developed it with your own branding.

However that said we have seen a few people try to sell SambaPOS as their own product and even took credit for developing it. Those very people made forum accounts and used the community to set it up and learn it. That infuriates me when I see that but unfortunately there are people that do this.

Look at what @QMcKay has posted above with screen shots

This is an example for a bar

  1. Add a products eg vodka, bacardi, whiskey etc and give then all the same group code, in this case spirits. So all three products are in the spirits group
  2. Create order tag and name it mixers
  3. Create order tag list for example coke, lemonade, orange, blackcurrent etc
  4. Add mappings to the order tag and in the product group drop down box, select spirits
  5. When adding any product that is assigned the group code spirits such as vodka, bacardi, whiskey (from step1) you will see the order tags coke, lemondade, blackcurrent etc to add them

If you add an item that hasnt been assigned the group code spirits, such as coffee that may have a group code of hot drinks those order tags will not appear

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Yeah, we order a POS Software from a company and they take the full credit of development and creating this software, later on when I was looking for a free POS, an alternative, I found SambaPOS, and I was surprised that it was the same software we bought, I did check the credits, they left no credit but for them

Does this company have a website? Chances are that very company is also a user on here :stuck_out_tongue: