Someone to setup Sambapos


Hi iam looking for someone you can help me with Sambapos.


Cant help you if we dont know what you need help with. Please take a look here this will get you started.


Setup the linedisplay


I have a Toshiba Willpos 20. The linedisplay Com4


I dont think you are understanding… lots of people have those as well. Are you wanting someone to set it up for you or are you wanting help with an issue when you tried to set it up?

If you just want someone to do it for you then make a request in the AD forum category. If your asking for help because you tried and you cant seem to get it to work then please be more detailed. What have you tried? Are you getting errors if so what are they. Can you provide screenshots. Please let us know what you plan to do with it… etc.

A quick search for Pole Display in forum brought this up… maybe it can help.




when i try cmd echo test>com4
i get text on the display but it is completely different from what should be displayed, they are more like symbols rather than letters.


it works on cmd but not over sambapos . it come symbols instead of text


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