Something went wrong with my current SambaPos - Ticket Issue

We are using SambaPOS for our new cafe.

However something had gone wrong and we do not know what caused it.

Whenever I clicked CASH button the TOTAL become 0.00.

When I clicked CLOSED, nothing has happened.

Then I access to TICKET TAB, wanted to close the TICKET by clicking the CLOSED button, receipt printed, back to the main ticket tab, and the ticket I wanted to close is still remaining there!

I am not sure what has happened, I checked every possible ways but still cannot figure out the culprit.

Please kindly advice. Thanks!

Hi ive recategorised this as a question as it isnt a samba issue, its a setup issue with your system.

To help us further can you tell us what recent changes you have made, as something must have been changed for things to suddenly stop working or start behaving strangely

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Would guess that you have changed something in ticket close, before ticket close or payment processed rules.
Recommend you upload some screenshots of any rules relating to these as a place to start.
Be sure to open all actions within the rules so vales can be seen.

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