Sorry, quick v3 question


I know this isn’t supposed to go here, and I am taking a look at both v3 and v4, but I was just wondering if I want to make a new project from the v3 source how would I go about that in visual studio? I clicked on new project from existing in c# and then I selected the folder but it keeps saying debug target missing, and I’m just wondering what I’m doing wrong?



You might not get a response from here as this is V4 forum as you say. A lot of users only started at V4 so wont be any help as like me have never used V3

Those that have will be spending all their time developing their V4 setups and a small group of us are focusing on testing V5 so V3 really is off our radar now

I suggest trying the V3 forum if you havent already, sorry i cant be of more help