Sorting Items per group On receipt

I am trying to sort items per group on the receipt. So all starters would go first on the receipt Mains 2nd drinks 3rd etc. I added below to ticket template but this didnt do anything.

<C00>-{GROUP KEY}-

I found this post and he seems to be trying to do the same thing. Grouping menu category items in Printer/receipt Templates

But cant seem to get it working either. Can someone explain the best way to achieve this.

Did you set your groups for products? Just using that printer tag does nothing if you don’t define your groups first.

Is that the Group Code in Product List? I have those all setup?

You need more than just group key tag also put {PRODUCT NAME} {PRICE} or any tags you want to show for orders. If you can show your entire template it might help us spot other mistakes.

Ok By using [ORDERS GROUP|PRODUCT TAG] as in tutorial above and setting the product tag in Products it prints them in order I want them but it doesnt show the Group on the receipt.

Here is the template

here is the receipt. Its prints them in the right order but its not showing the Group

I want it like below

Put your formatting in front of {GROUP KEY} like < J00 >

I put that formatting in but it still doesn’t add the group.


Check this


Yes that works, Thanks