Special drinks for bar tenders and tips at end of shift

How can I set up special drinks for my bar tenders so that they can add to customer tickets when a customer buys it for them, and then at the end of the work period the bar tender can receive it from there cash total for the work period as there total tips.???

I have not ran a bar but that sounds like an odd request… if they buy a beer for the bartender? but you also want those proceeds to go to the bartender as well?

Yes basically, what I want is if a customer offers to buy the bar tenders a drink, I want then to be able to select a specially setup items for them and then add it to the ticket and then at the end of there shift they can collect it as tips without if effecting the total sales

Ok now it makes more sense if you had explained that key part in beginning it might have been more understandable :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry new to the game

It’s quite alright I will try and set you in the right direction :stuck_out_tongue: Many people and when I say many its probably 60-70% struggle with this simple fact. We want to help you some of us really enjoy it, but in order to help we have to understand your problem in detail. Think of it this way there is a giant wall between you and me and your problem is you cant tell what color your car is so you ask me for help but my problem is I cant see your car because of the wall…

Be very detailed do not leave anything out with your requests, often screenshots help us.

Now on to your question I think it could be possible yes but you might need to create some automation for handling this type of item including some special accounting. Look up some of the accounting tutorials they are not direct answer to this but if you study them you could get the understanding to attempt this yourself.

Also check out some of the more advanced free items or gift item tutorials.

as @Jesse said you need to get some more info about accounting to separate sales and tip sales and free item tutorials to understand how to process orders individually to change how it reflects to accounts and how it changes ticket total.

I wondered how it works. For example if customer buys $10 beer for bartender how much tip bartender receive from cash?

So the bartender gets the beer to drink and also keeps the sales money from it as a tip? The part I was wondering is as a business owner this doesn’t sound like a very profitable practice. Am I missing something here?

lol I don’t think they drink these…

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I know the person buying it drinks it but as crazy as it sounds I wanted to clarify that lol. Or maybe I am still not getting it. is this just another way to transact a tip? Is there never any real beer involved?

Well I’ve also asked how tips counts to clarify this but that sounds like to me customer buys two beers and drinks one of them.

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Thats what I thought but it just sounds like a whacky way to do a tip. Feels to me like it could easily be taken advantage of at the expense of business owner.

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Ok let me clarify a little better for you. They want to setup special drinks for the bartender with special pricing. Say the drink cost $5.00 they want add $2.00 to that price but have it it that at the end of there shift the $2.00 comes up as there tips.

Some clients ask for some of the strangest things that I have never heard of, but they ask so I have to try and please there needs. …

It is really strange. Please check Update Order action to understand how to change account transaction type for specific orders. General idea is you’ll have Bartender Sales account next to Sales account and track special drink sales through that account.

Its been my experience sometimes that people see one way to do something and they latch on to it as the only viable way for them. If you show them alternatives they typically will either react well to them or react hostile toward it and refuse to even try even if they realize it might be better.

I usually handle these situations by giving them what they want and then presenting a well thought out easy to understand and well timed alternative so they see it in action. Some people think they know what they want but they really dont until you show them.

You might prepare what they want but then offer them an alternative see what they say.