Specify a delivery guy

Just like you specify a server, how can I add a button in the ticket (After I choose a customer from customer list) that will let me choose a delivery guy.

And how can I include it in the report?

Many variables to that question.

Are you just wanting it to show on report? not using kitchen display etc or other setup where you need to use this info?

You could use ticket tag or secondary entity. These would require a custom report to show these.

Use the setup that shows how to specify the Server (or Customer or Table), but change the Entity Type Name to Delivery Guy.

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Yeah that’s what I want, but Step by step

Use the search bar mate, when he says use the setup there is already a tutorial/whole topic on it

Here is one way…

And how can I add a column in the “Tickets” screen to show the “Server” or “Driver” name?

Generally I think people use a custom entity screen with ticket lister widget.
Depends on what your needing to see, all tickets or active tickets etc.