Specify Font For Controlling Printer Drawer Kick

I have a Sam4s Ellix20ii that is set up as a windows printer (this has to be a windows printer as we have multiple RECEIPT printers all named identically for ease of printing to the correct printer).
The printer doesn’t have a drawer kick code but instead uses a special font called ‘FontControl’ to execute commands. So if I wanted kick the drawer via a Wordpad print then I would type the character ‘A’ and make the font used ‘FontControl’ which when printed would kick the drawer. I can’t find any way to over-ride or send this font command in SambaPOS though - has anyone had any experience of this?

This is not related. You can still have them set as ESC/POS Printer.

You can see here https://www.telpar.com/printers/datasheets/snbc/SNBC_Ellix-20-ii-v_datasheet.pdf the printer supports ESC/POS. So just setup as I suggested above then you can just use the normal drawer kick code.

Thanks Mark but the ticket printers are all different brands and some don’t support pos mode hence the ticket printer is set to use windows - also we print graphics and logos etc so we really need the windows printer functionality. Also this partocular printer only seems to allow commands when a special font is used. Is there any way to kick the drawer within the kick drawer template but using the fontcontrol font?

I have never seen a ticket printer that doesn’t support ESC/POS mode.

You can print logos and graphics using ESC/POS mode

If you refer to the link I provided in the last post, you will see that is not the case and the specific printer you refer to (Sam4s Ellix20ii) does support ESC/POS mode.

No, it is impossible. Therefore please use ESC/POS mode. If you really want to use “windows printer” mode, you will have very limited layout ability - you should use Document Printer mode for the best layout experience. For the cash drawer, you will need to use ESC/POS, so you setup a separate printer on SambaPOS to only do the drawer kick.

To setup cash drawer as a separae printer you can follow the tutorial here:


You can still configure 2 printers that points to same printer and set type for one of them windows printer and the other one ESC/POS printer. So you can both send ESC/POS commands and use it as a windows printer when needed.


Ok thanks I have set up a second esc/pos printer but the drawer kick still doesn’t work. Nowhere is there a reference to any kick code EXCEPT ‘A’ when used with the font ‘FontControl’.
I have tried
and also the default numerical codes listed in the post above but none work. The printer is not listed on the website of kick codes either.

Try one of these:


Also this is the one I use:


This is how you can print A letter by using document printer type. I guessed font name is FontControl. You can correct that accordingly. I don’t know if it works or not but testing that does no harm :wink:

   <Paragraph FontFamily="FontControl">A</Paragraph>
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