Speed and close button not working paid V5

Have problems with speed … v4 was working better

Now out of nowhere in V5 the close button is not working and can do nothing

Please help it just freeze

It wont be out of nowhere, what has changed? Do you mean after upgrading/updating to V5?
Show your rule for the close automation command.


@irelsagolderos for us to help you we need more detailed explanation. V5 works the same as v4 with extended features and much more configuration options. The close button by default works the exact same as v4. Can you please explain what you did when it stopped working?

You can also try rebuilding default buttons with this option:

Additionally you will notice there are other maintenance tasks you can run that might fix your issue, like Upgrade old Rules etc.

Manage > Settings > Program Settings > Maintenance

If those options do not fix it for you then we will need you to help us understand your issue by explaining more details on your configuration.