Split Appetizer

What I need is for server to be able to split an appetizer between multiple people and print out bill showing the split. For example, a table of 4 is paying separately but they want to split the cost of shared appetizer evenly. 1/4 of appetizer would get added to each bill, server prints it and takes to table. I tried searching but cannot find anything.

I have an idea, but i dont know if it is even possible or any clue how to do it. I only want to be able to do this for appetizers. So a table orders nachos ($10). After order is submitted, you can click on nachos in order line. Then you get buttons that say Split 2 Ways, Split 3 Ways, Split 4 Ways. If you click on the Split 4 Ways, it would then automatically gift the Nachos and add on another product called 1/4 Nachos ($2.50) four times to ticket. Server can then move three of the 1/4 nachos to the other tickets.

I don’t use inventory, so anything affecting that wont matter. I also would want Nachos to print to kitchen but not the 1/4 Nachos. Any help would be appreciated

That would probably be the only way as there is no way to split a single order.
You could in theory to it completely pragmatically without extra products by adding the same natchis product but updating qty to 0.25 possibly or if not update name and price.
How would you handle splitting x ways? On a product with price not cleanly advisable by x?

If you change the quantity to 0.25, how would you make sure the other .75 gets added to the other tickets and doesnt just disappear? With adding four 1/4 products, manager would have to void it to remove it and it also makes it easy to move each one to another ticket with customer being able to clearly see that they are being charged for 1/4.

It would be nice to be able to split by entering x amount of people, but that seems even more complicated. I would be happy to at least be able to split up to 4. Trying to figure this out is really beyond my skill level.

It would be automated, you could have order mapped command button to do it.
Would need to check what’s posible with submitted orders and if you would need to void/gift and add new or manipulate existing order line.
Regarding printing there would be few ways to prevent repainting to kitchen.

Just on time discussed long time ago and situation came yesterday, wondering if can be split quantity possible like 1 portion become 0.5 and 0.5 would solve the problem hope , looking for suggetions or ideas . before we use samba in other pos software we able to do this . really looking for this in samba

It’s an odd request in my opinion.
I cant imagine pizza hut giving you two seperate Bill’s if you split a pizza.
Maybe it’s a country thing.

It would be posible, just needs automation to do it, probably not been given much attention from more experienced users who dont need or think it’s a major thing worth spending time to make tutorial.

You could post an add for paid support.

There is currently no way to split products. You can split payments at payment screen by selecting product and then splitting the amount due. But printing separate tickets and splitting products to show the split is not possible currently.

We can discuss this further as we would need to understand how it should work and how it would affect inventory etc.