Split payment food / drinks


There is another program where when you have a table with different items, you could split up the ticket like this:

Beer 2,5
Rice 5
Cola 2
Fanta 2

Then the user chooses Split by 2 and the tickets are like this

Food 2,5
Beverages 3,25

What do you think could I make also this function with SambaPOS? Could someone give me a clue about?

The problems are how am I going to do it with the Ticket numbers? and the other one is how do I make the difference between food and beverages? Custom Product Tags?

Thank you

Product tags would allow you to show a summary breakdown of a ticket.
I have a dinks and food summary on my tickets.
Although I use states on orders that state is set on order added using custom product tags you could report direct from product tags.

As for split looking at your values your trying to split products which is not posible.
While you could make a template to show a split value you would not be able to split a single product into two tickets.