Split taxable and non taxable items in the ticket

We will try to use sambapos for a grocery store and there is a request that I’m not sure if it’s possible to make.
We would like to split each ticket into 2 parts (taxable and non taxable items) so the customer will pay for their groceries (no tax) using their subsidy card, them move on to taxable items and pay them by cash or card.

So simply the cashier needs to know how much to charge for non taxable items and the system should say how much amount due for taxable items.

Any ideas?

It’s not setup for that honestly. The total will only be a single total on screen.

You might be able to use shell header to display additional info but without more info how to report such info if hard to say.
You might have to try and setup a 0% tax type if thats even posible, or perhaps create a custom tag to mark products applicable for that payment method.