Split Ticket Question

Is the Split Ticket action as described here 4.64. How to Use Split Ticket Feature – SambaPOS Knowledgebase only useable on tickets that won’t be changed subsequently?

I ask bc I noticed that it does not split the ‘Sale Transaction’ and therefore leads to out of balance Receivables if you change the tickets after the split.

Thus this action is not suitable in a situation where one of 2 parties leaves and wants to pay and the other stays and orders more? Thanks …

I can confirm this is true.

The ticket and the ticket explorer shows the correct amounts. But the accounts screens shows the original ticket with the original ticket amount (before the split) for the accounts of Sales and Receivables.

What I did:

  • Added 2 items to a ticket each at $1.50.
  • Closed the ticket.
  • Split the ticket.
  • Paid the first ticket with Cash.
  • Opened the 2nd ticket added an item.
  • Close the ticket.
  • Open the ticket and paid with Credit Card.

Ticket Explorer after split:

Sales Account after split:

For funsies, I thought I would update the order using Account Transaction Type, but It appears to make things worse. (I reopened the ticket, selected all items and updated the order.)

It added another line to the Sales Account for the correct amount. I had hoped it would correct the order.

Here is the Receivables account after the split and after the order update ( I neglected take a screen shot before the order update.)

As you can see it added another sales transaction. The previous entry shows a Sales transaction of $3.00 and a payment for $1.50 (the correct total of the ticket)

I did an Order Update on the 2nd ticket and it had no effect on the account screen.

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Let me add what is happening from a DB perspective in an example:

I created a ticket with 2 orders which resulted in Ticket Number 91 and TransactionDocument_Id 104511.
Then I splitted the ticket in 2.
I got now Ticket 91 associated with a new Transaction Document 104512 as well as Ticket 92 associated with Transaction Document Id 104513.
104511 is still there and the associated Sale Transaction as well. This Sale Transaction has now become an orphan.

But both 104512 as well as 104513 ‘Ticket Transactions’ AccountTransactionDocuments don’t have an associated ‘Sale Transaction’ in the AccountTransactions Table. This will only be created after adding an order to one of the tickets.

Thus there are 2 issues buried here:

  1. As far as I understand the system Samba should just update the AccountTransactionDocumet/AccountTransaction of the originating ticket instead of creating a new one.
  2. And it should add a Sale Transaction for all new derived tickets.
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Just one more comment - the ‘Move Orders’ Automation with the associated ‘Default Move Orders Rule’ does correctly update the originating AccountTransaction but does not add a Sale Transaction to the newly created ticket. Thus if you settle this ticket immediately there won’t be an associated Sale Transaction. This issue can be solved easily by adding an ‘Update Order’ with Account Transaction Type ‘Sale Transaction’ to the ‘Default Move Orders Rule’ as described above by @Bob_be .