Split Tickets easily

I think I have asked before, but never got the greatest result.
In this video, this is restaurant pro express and it splits tickets super easy.

We find it hard to do in Samba.

Can someone take a video of how to do it easily in Samba or make it so that it indeed works better in Samba?

Youtube Video Link


Samba proces not that dissimilar just not as streamlined.

Select orders, click move, orders are moved to another ticket.

If its just for split payment, a commonly missed feature is you can select items on payment screen and it will tally up the total for those items.

Ok we will give it another try. I would really like to see a video on this process in samba so that I know I am doing it correctly. That would be a huge help.

Don’t need a video lol its not complicated lol

Open table ticket, select items, click move, selected items are moved to a new ticket on the same table.
To split again close and go back to first ticket select more items and move again, a 3rd ticket created on that table with selected items.

The payment screen option just go to payment screen, click items on left order list, selected highlighted bold and payment amount updated with total.
Enter tendered amount and pay those items.
Paid items are marked of on the list so you cant select same item twice.
An order with multiple quantity can be selected again to select quantity from total qty of line.

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In addition, the orders will have to have a status of Submitted (i.e. ticket closed then reopened).

@Jesse has a tutorial to make payments (split payments) for orders by selecting the items on the ticket screen then settling. You can see it here:

This is another one:

You can modifiy the automation to do whatever you want

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I think where the move process lacks is no visual display of tickets during transfer. Would it be possible to define the specific ticket items are moved to and provide a visual through the Ask Action? I was looking at this but I didn’t see it as an option in move.

  1. User selects items to move and clicks move
  2. Ask comes up with buttons with ticket items in the button
  3. User selects a current ticket button or clicks new.
  4. Focus stays on the current ticket.

The difficulty is having to move items and then merge if a mistake is made. We’ve gotten used to it, but I understand the difficulty when you’re servicing a large group of people and you initially enter orders on the same ticket. We’re still doing this to not send multiple kitchen tickets. I’ve thought about looking for a way to allow the users to input multiple tickets in the beginning, but other things have been more important.


We will be building a new way to split tickets soon. I will share it when we finish.


Look on forum for seats, there have been several discussions about that senario where you mark orders by seat as you go to have a single ticket then have a split on seat command that loops and splits orders by seat state or tag.

I look forward to it.

@digeratimvp Not bad.

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