Splitting the Payments!

I have a scenario, come up when I try to split payment by products.
eg: 2 customer had 1 bottle of Beer, 2 Salads and 2 starters.
One customer would like to pay 1 salad, 1 starter and half price of the bottle of beer
so how can we do that ?
Thanks in advance!

Simply highlight the product and use the + to select a quantity and then hit the Move button. See:

@Isaac Thanks for reply, I am looking for half prize of the selected product with whole price of another product !

You can use the 1/n button on the payment screen to split bills.

So you press 2 then 1/2

thanks again @Isaac
it will give the half price of all products selected. but what i am looking is
1-Salad 10.00
1-Greek Salad 20.00
1-Kingfisher 10.00
1-Ice cream 10.00
Two customers are there
they would like to pay separate, 1 customer need to pay for 1 salad 1 ice cream and half price of kingfisher
next customer like to pay for 1 Greek salad and half price of kingfisher.

@ashrafsidhik can you give us more details about the issue you are trying to solve here? What problems lack of such feature generates in your workflow? What will work better if such feature exists?

I know what he mean. first customer want to pay for $10 Salad $10 Icream and and divide the kingfisher to 2
it gona be $5 each for kingfisher. so fist customer want to pay $5 for kingfisher. that happen to me too. sometime customer
share their meal. next customer will pay $20 Greek salad and $5 for kingfisher. so both of them will pay $5 each for kingfish

this is how they want to pay( lets say their table no. 1 and want to pay half of the kingfisher plus their meals)

customer 1
1-Salad 10.00
1-Ice cream 10.00
half serve of Kingfisher 5.00

customer 2
1- greek salad 20.00
Half serve of king fisher 5.00

it doesnt let us charge half serve of only one item… the program will only half all the item in the order… but we are only asking for half of the kingfishet plus our meals…

@emre thanks for your time, what i am looking for is, what exactly @kielauz explained above post, I tried with different ways in payment section to solve this kind of situation, end up with what we can do is just do the calculation manually and charge each customer accordingly.
this only happen if somebody want to pay half or 1/n of a single product.

I understand what you are trying to explain. Customer wants to pay half of an item. OK. This is what generally happens:

When a customer wants to pay $12 of 19.22 ticket we type it and select a payment type…

… so remaining customers will pay 7.22

I assume you are aware of partial payments so what I’m understanding here is you need extra features that does not exists atm. However I can’t understand what you are trying to achieve here. Do you want to help operator to calculate half of an order price? (or maybe 1/3 if there are 3 people) Do you want to keep track of which customer paid which half of orders? Does it applies to half of tip or half of servicing amount, tax etc… ?

The shortest answer for this request is no because I’m know for most cases operators will simply calculate it from mind instead of using our “single order halving” feature but I’m asking it to ensure I’m not missing something here.

This is likely the simplest way to support this scenario at this point…

Create a new Portion for the Product at half the price. Then put 2 Kingfisher half-orders ($5) on the Ticket instead of a full Kingfisher order ($10).

As I’ve done with Pizza which at whole price is 340 and Half is 170.

many thanks to @Isaac, @emre @kielauz @QMcKay ! This is not a big lack of feature in sambaPOS but I was just trying to show some scenario. As we all know sambapos is great!

@ashrafsidhik thank you very much for sharing that. I clearly understand the scenario you showed us but I’m trying to understand how you expect us handle this. For example do you want to see a calculator like functionality on payment screen? Or do you want another specific function? That was I’m trying to understand.

I think this feature which @ashrafsidhik would be useful when the customers want a copy of the receipt each for exactly what they pay for.

Will it be possible to have samba print X amount of receipts for X amount of people for one table? My previous POS would be able to split a bill equally or by item and then issue the appropriate amount of receipts. The total for the table will still show as one “mother” bill, but there will be a remark saying that the bill was split X amount of ways with each “child” receipt saved together with it.

@emre, @QMcKay Sweet with Move Splitting and printing individual is possible sweet as can any one please give me answer on splitting items thanking you for wonderful POS

Hi guys, is there a tutorial on how to do split payments I can print out to train staff?

Thank you

From payment screen you click items you want to pay and pay for those items it will split it even calculate service charges or taxes evenly. You can set it up to print a separate ticket for only the items paid.

It marks each order paid as you do this.

Thanks kendash. I was really looking for something documented which I could physically print out to train my team.

There is no real printable documentation. We have a wiki page that is incomplete because contributions stopped. I put some screenshots of it in a post last night about the same thing.

If you install database tools module you can set it to training mode and let your employees do anything they want. It clones your database into a temporary new one and when you exit training mode it connects back to your original db.

When I have some time, I’d like to help contribute. In my previous life I used to write policies and procedures, as well as training content.

Can you please send me a link and I’ll see how I can help.

Thank you