Sql database add custom column

Is it possible to add custom columns to a Sql table without bad consequences (integrity check, etc.) ?

Now I’m doing an integration with the back-office and I need to store the Uid for OrderTags (OrderTagGroup) somewhere. and have not yet found where to store the value

The issue with adding columns to the existing db is the possibility in the future of a name collision if SambaPOS tries to add it.

You could prefix the column name to reduce that possibility.

Personally, I’d create a separate table holding the UID and a FK reference to the original record. If you choose this option and use a different schema, none of the column can have a default value. The db restore will fail (kinda) when recreating constraints. I say kinda as the actual data is there even though an error popup shows, but some constraints might be missed.

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If you tell us what you are building we can look and see if we need to do something to help support it.

I have been using sabmapos for several years in my restaurants only as a front office.

3 restaurants united by one network.
for the back office, use “1s enterprise” (similar to SAP for the russian-speaking market)

presently my exchange is going in one direction (sambapos → 1s)
and adding or changing objects had to be done in each database manually

now it’s time to do the reverse exchange (products, prices, product tags, users, etc.) to minimize manual work.