SQL Express Firewall Issue


Any help remind me what I have missed?
SQL Express 2017 installed and running.
Can connect locally with MSSQLM
Setup networking and IPV port 1433
Setup firewall for 1433, 1434 and 9000 in inbound and set network as private.
Yet cannot connect remotely with MSSQLM.
If I turn off firewall can connect.
All 3 ports are TCP right?


This is UDP, not TCP.

Check your connection is set as private also


Still no luck, with fireall on I can connect to SQL using EPOS,1433 so issues seems to be names pipes/instance nameā€¦
Without firewall it works as normal but with firewall on I canct connect using instance name.
Named pipes are enabled.


Got there in the end, not sure exactly what resolved but got there. LOL