Staff Canteen Automation without using cards


How can i implement sambapos in a staff canteen without using the Samba RFID Card. We serve food in staff canteen and we raise a cumulative invoice at the end of the month.
We want to integrate biometric reader so that only authorised staff member can serve the food. We also want to reduce the case of a single staff member serving twice.


i need to see the tickets charged to each individual accounts everyday.


These types of devices are generally quite specific and not generic like rfid etc.
Without having one it’s hard to say how useable they are with sambe without additional development.


I was just trying to compare Samba with Easipos for good reasons. I have used EASIPOS in various establishment in the wide African market. You realize in easipos you can create customer accounts,customers accounts are credited and debited by the management after a payment is done or when items are consumed on the restaurant.This works fine,just like in samba

The essence of using a finger print reader is to allow cashier to charge your account when items are consumed with your authority. This will make your account safe and secure.

Or rather how do you secure the customers account,ie cashier may decide to settle any order to any customer without the customer prior knowledge


Your misunderstanding what I am saying, that side of things is easy. I have done hotel setup in samba making guest accounts and room checking/out process. The accounts side of things is easy, entities has a great account option when adding and that then when selected enables the customer account button on payment screen.

I am referring to the fingerprint reader. I use rfid for staff and customer logging for loyalty and discounts. The challenge with fingerprint readers is they do not all function in the same manner.
We would need to understand how the device is configured and how/what it outputs to the computer.
Fingerprint readers have been discussed before as as I believe generally a software which actually processes the read is installed on PC. I also believe other softwares that use have been programed to work with specific readers as abposed to all since they do not all work in exact same way.
Compaired to rfid readers or barcode scanners which simply work as a HID/keyboard and just enter the number encoded quickly. The compluter doesn’t even know the difference as they litterally show in device manager as a HID/keyboard


i have understood what you’ve just said JTRTech,my issue is on sambapos their are no restriction that facilitate customers accounts opened in the system are safe and sound.
A perfect example is when you have a customer who pays his bill on monthly basis.The customer may not remember all the monthly transactions he may have done. What makes the cashier not to settle a bill on that customer’s account bearing the fact that the customer has no authority over his/her account opened on samba.
I believe you get my point now


You can setup that restriction but it may not work with biometric hardware. The hardware may need a developer to support it. Most restaurants don’t need bank level security for an account.


for restaurant that only operates as members club,this is very is very crucial component just to safeguard members accounts.I have seen it time and again,cashier misusing members account thus why i was comparing how EASIPOS handles this

Which is the better alternative Kendash,is there a way to create a password when cashiers settles by customer account


You can automate anything in sambapos and yes you can setup a password when settling a bill on customer account. It would require some creative automation.

The best method is to hold cashier accountable for being an idiot or find cashier that won’t do that.

I don’t understand the easipos thing because you didn’t compare it you just mentioned it but didn’t explain how it handles this.


Banks don’t require biometric data to handle accounts and their clerks could put money in someone’s account. What stops them is strict auditing and consequences if found and hiring of people they can trust with their customers accounts.


You can also log activities in tickets with ticket logs.