State Formatting Sort Order/Priority

I know that :slight_smile: wasn’t blaming you lol

Thats what I did,
Format State;

Ok makes sense now. You did right thing. You could probably simplify it but your right what you did will work just fine.

You were over thinking the format options. They are really VERY basic you can only show 1 color at a time which means only one of the states should have a format.

The problem was defining formats on states from separate groups.

While I have your attention, any chance you could help me with this;

On the subject of State Formatting and my aim to reduce/simplify the ticket screen I was hoping as well as defining colours ie red with strike-through for void it would be nice to replace the price with VOID (as the void/gift state visibility on ticket screen has been turned off) however you cannot not have {0}.
Let me show you;

Test addition next to {0}

Removing {0} and just VOID

Think this would be awesome if pricee could be masked like I was hoping - since price of void item is erelevent on display.

This is what I was looking to achive;

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Although works well for gift, leaving price on with strike-through (just price) works well and looks good :smile:

…was that a like @Jesse :stuck_out_tongue:

but would be good to be able to just have VOID and hide the price completely for voids

This is close to doing it…

Close but no cigar :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesnt support Expression formatting I tried lol.

What do you mean by that sorry?


Something like that would work if it supported expressions.

Did you tried configuring visible states by giving a state name like Status=New instead of just New?

I think I did but is that relating to the early posts? I was miss explaining myself, my problem was trying to format orders using stats from different state types/groups so there was poit where two formatted states overlapped.
Solved by creating a set of Format states under a single group and added extra state update actions throughout.

I think I’ve coded it to cascade state formats. I mean if one state makes it display bold and the other one makes it display blue it should appear in both bold and blue.

@kendash workds out as gooder way as any;

<color #FFD8D8D8><size 1>{0}</size></color> <color red>VOID</color>

Dont know if you can read size one but I cant see it LOL

FYI size 0 causes a crash.

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Lol you could set it to same color as background. Then it truly would be invisible.

Did that aswell but background would be different with group, anyway at size 1 its as good as invisible anyway LOL

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I just took a strong muscle relaxer so I might pass out soon.

Not sure why I just told you that.

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