Stock Control with Pos

Hello SambaPOS people!

I’m having a hard time finding out whether the SambaPOS software is able to do what I need.

Basically i work for a college, and they have an onsite restaurant where they teach students all aspects of catering.

Recently the manager of the area has asked me to look into a free solution where they can track how much food is being used out of the stock.

so want them to sell a sandwich and out of the stock it automatically deduct 2 slices of bread. slice of ham etc…

Its this possible?



Yep this is how samba inventory works, youll create products, inventory items and receipes and link them together

So when you sell a ham salad sandwich it will deduct from inventory the slices of bread used, the amount of ham used and the amount and different types of salad providing the recipe is setup correctly

Have a search of the forum for inventory setup theres lots of discussion on it and some tutorials


Thanks for the swift reply.

I was going through the options and thought it must be linked the the inventory. However I was having a hard time really understanding what i was looking at. I’ll have a search now i know what i’m looking for.

No doubt I’ll come back with some questions again.

Thanks for now :smiley: