Stock movement issue

I am having issues with stock transfer eg:-
(a) from store to bar
(b) from store to kitchen
Anyone who can help direct me where am doing it wrong? I have tried it ad when I purchase 10 Heinekens to the store and transfer 5 of them to the bar,the purchase report shows 15 Heineken instead of 10

Here’s a report I’ve used for inventory movement. I didn’t make this. I found it somewhere on the forum:

[Purchases by Group:1, 1]

[Transaction Entries by Warehouse:3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1]
@{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Warehouse.asc::{0}:,}
>>Item|Purchased|Transfers|Result|Unit|Unit Cost|Total Cost
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name.asc,C.Added.sum,C.Removed.sum,[C.Added.sum]-[C.Removed.sum],C.Unit,C.Cost.sum,[C.Cost.sum]*[C.Added.sum]:C.Added>0 and (PCW=$1) or C.Removed>0 and (PCW=$1)}

Thanks alot that Memo for the report, i bought 10 beers (Balozi) and 10 chicken to the main store, then transfered 5 beers to the bar and 5 chicken to the kitchen. am just wondering why it is showing 20 transfers for each instead of 10.
see the report below

Might be something with the inventory transactions,

I received 30 cases (720 beers) into Hideaway. Then transfered 10 cases (240 beers) to Cigar Bar and then 5 cases (120 beers) to Pub.

Here is my transfer transaction and document:

2021-02-02_08;55_1612277729_Samba.Presentation 2021-02-02_08;55_1612277741_Samba.Presentation

allowing one to select source and target warehouse:


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thanks again, let me study and try it, will get back. wish i saw your report after purchase and transfers above

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