Stop kitchen printer from printing two copies of order

Just installed a new ethernet printer. My kitchen printer is printing two copies of each order. I’d like it to print one.
I only have one print job right now and that is to print to the kitchen. ‘Copies’ field is null in the action to execute the print job.

Where else might I look to remedy this?


Show any rule that may be printing it.

_action _rule

The action and rule for kitchen printing.


So that’s not the normal rule. Did you also remove it from the ticket closing rule?

The only thing I added was the print job (there were none) and added ‘Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job’ to the rule. Prior to that only ‘Close Ticket’ was in the rule.

Everything else is how it was when I installed the software & database.

No it comes with kitchen print by default in the ticket closing rule. Not the Close ticket
rule. I’m talking about ticket closing rule.

Okay, I didn’t see the ‘Ticket Closing Rule’, sorry for that.


Here’s the rule. I now see that it’s firing a print on both. From which one should I remove the print command?

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Thinking more, I’ll remove the action I added. Duhhh

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Success. THanks Jesse for your help. Another set of eyes always helps. Like with the printer today, I fat-fingered the port on the printer as 9001 instead of 9100 and wondered why it wasn’t working.

I need a drink.

Again, thank you and have a great night.

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