Stop selling out of stock items

Haha, I noticed as I was taking the screen shot :sweat_smile:

Technically it’s not wrong lol

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No, MenuItemName does not help also :neutral_face:

Show us your constraints of the actions in that rule.

Use this expression to determine Inventory - Unsubmitted Orders

 [=TN('{REPORT INVENTORY:[:MenuItemName]:Локальный склад}')-TN('{TICKET ORDER QUANTITY TOTAL EXP:(MN=[:MenuItemName]) && (OS.Status=New)}')]

There is need to add multiple constraints. You only need to check LESS THAN 1.

Real time inventory calculation is an expensive operation. Try to use it for items that is really needed. Better use product tags to enable it for specific items. For example there is no need to track it for water. Water inventory will never drop below zero in a serious restaurant.


Null one was an attempt to bypass for producta without inventory configured.

Tried this but its not working when item remains 1 you ca still sell it multiple times

Use show message to check output as expected.
Is it including the orders being added in this automation? Should do but if not maybe need to add qty of added.

Normally, this function should be default one, without using any rules and actions. As it is one of the needed staff in most restaurants. Even with rules and actions, we cannot get what we want, still items can be sold when there is 0 in inventory stock. It’s funny, that such a good POS software doesn’t include that small function that was required so many times in forum.

It can’t be set by default as what if you don’t use inventory?

It should be possible, if it’s not working likely a configuration mistake.

I don’t meant that it should be enabled by default, no. Simply, there should be just a tick box where you can enable/disable it.

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Not configuration mistake. From the beginning SambaPOS doesn’t have actions to work properly with inventory stock. We have tried to build it with what we have, but still there are a lot of ways to circumvent that rules with inventory stocks.

Add product covers bulk.
Main gap in that is change quantity +/- which can be disabled and custom buttons put in their place which I did a tutorial for.
How else do you add products? By automation which you create custom anyway.

You can just tap on product more than once instead of entering number and pressing product button. It will pass away that rule and will add product to ticket any quantity you need.

So each time order added triggered.

Sounds like config issue to me, constraint on order added like this would be the most straightforward to restrict. Single quantity added each time and order added trigger.

You can see the Savannah Drink they are 3 only in stock.
now if i click on the menu item button four times or more it will go to negative.
Thats all i want to stop

is there a counter or this
‘{TICKET ORDER QUANTITY TOTAL EXP:(MN=[:MenuItemName]) && (OS.Status=New)}’
Can prevent the addition of the menu item beyond the current stock level

Got the synatx working now let me brush it … :smirk::smirk::smirk:

It is a pity, it is not possible (for now, i hope). Because , each time you add product to ticket, the product quantity in inventory stock won’t decrease in real-time, it will decrease after you press Close ticket button. And that’s the issue that Product Added rule won’t work properly as product inventory remains the same when even product is added to ticket.

Works Perfectly well unless i meet another glitch this is super