Strange behaviour trying to write Date to customfield using Automation Command

sorry am confusing matters,
the json returns yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
I currently have
var result_arrive = responseObject[roomsiteindex].booking_arrival;
var result_depart = responseObject[roomsiteindex].booking_departure;
var arrive_todate = DateTime.Parse(result_arrive);
var depart_todate = DateTime.Parse(result_depart);
var formatted_arrive = arrive_todate.ToString(“dd MM yyyy”);
var formatted_depart = depart_todate.ToString(“dd MM yyyy”);

which gives me ‘hidden’ dd MM yyy in the field

What is your regional date format?

date on computer shows as 27/10/2015

OK so what happens when you change both date formats on your code to your regional format like…


PS: @proeftuin’s issue is SambaPOS captures (-) separator as a date expression and decreases -27 (day part) days from today’s date.

Not sure what was wrong before but seems ok now excluding the ‘hiden’ date on entity screen as mentionsed before.

Is it latest version? I couldn’t reproduce hidden thing on my side. Is it possible to show me how these values appears on database side? Entities table, CustomData column.

Oh, no sorry, is v .50 as on tablet which havn’t used for a while.
Will try updating tomorrow/transfer back to my desktop, need to get to bed :smile:
If has no effect will sort the database info.

@emre Must have been fixed as shows fine in v .54 :slight_smile: