Strange sign on the printer label

Anybody knows how I get rid of this ! in the left of the

Please provide more details of your printing setup:

  • Make and Model of Printer
  • Printer Connection Type
  • Printers Settings in SambaPOS
  • Print Job settings in SambaPOS
  • Printer Template

Does a Windows Test Print produce any anomalies?

Dont know if its of any relevance but in retail company i worked for when the system went offline ! printed to alert cashiers there was no network connection

I dont know if this has anything to do with your issue but thought id share just in case you have a network issue

Printer is in Star emulation mode. Review printer manuals and if it supports switch to ESC/POS emulation. If it does not support change printer type as HTML or Text.

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i too had the same problem, i have fixed it.

only problem is, my receipt alignment has shifted to the right and, some text are printed on the line under whereas it should be printed on the same line. how can i fix this