Stuck with Second Computer

Hi there… I’ve read the Setup Guide.pdf, but I’m confused. I have two similar computer and windows 10 home installed. I want to use second computer as a Kitchen Display. Where did I do wrong, i don’t know.

Firstly, I’ve configured the first computer as a MASTER and I installed sql express server 2014 and sambapos v5.
Second, on the second computer I only installed the sambapos v5. At this point, sambapos said me ‘please, register!!’. However, I’ve already bought sambapos5 for first computer, do I need to buy second licence???

You dont have to pay for second computer.

  1. Make sure you activate license on second computer. Goto Samba Market Module and see if v5 activated.
  2. Make sure you connect both computer to the same database. Show screenshot of Database connection strings for both computer.