Sub Category - Sort Order

Hi We have one sub cat with over 30 items which I have split over 3 screens however the first items do not show in the correct order. See Screen shots below.

This is the sort order

This is How they display - note that the first item in the sort list and the 3rd do not show on the first page

The first item in the list shows as the 1st item on the 2nd screen???

The 3rd item on the list shows on the 3rd page and not showing as the 3rd item on the 1st page!

as always help is greatly appreciated.



Rob these sub category buttons are not related with menu categories. It seems you’ve configured sub-sub categories. A screenshot for menu buttons will help better.

Hi @emre - here is the Product list with the ‘Drinks’ menu category

hope that helps

By saying “split over 3 screens” do you mean you’ve enabled paging?

yes - I have this set to 3 pages @emre

Hello @windinghouse. Since you can have deeper sub category levels by configuring multiple tags by separating them with comma you don’t need to enable paging. For example you can set tag value to Teas for items you need to see at first place and set Teas,Herbal Teas for items that needs to go under that sub category.

Brilliant :slight_smile: I will give that a try @emre that sounds just what I need ! as ever you are a star.

Thank you so much


@emre I have just tried this - when I add a second sub category for example :-

I then get no Sub Button displayed on the POS menu. If I remove the comma and ‘Black’ I then get the ‘Tea’ sub button back again.

Am I typing something wrong? I have cleared the contents of all other sub buttons at the moment to test with just the 1 product.

Many Thanks


You’ll navigate to Tea > Black category by clicking Tea button first and Black button second so if you don’t configure parent Tea category you won’t be able to navigate to sub categories.