Sub menu max items problem

Hey guys, I ran into a problem tonight. We’re adding a bunch of items to a category and giving them sub menu tags. In the sub menu we don’t want a scroll bar so we set pages to 2 and max items to 15.

… The problem …

When doing this it display 15 of the first category items on the main page and all of the items on the sub menu just like before. I checked all the settings and it seems like this should work.

Any ideas…? I’m on my phone right now and I can add pictures lately. Basically the max items isn’t affecting any of the sub menus.


Here are some shots of the issue…

Maybe the issue is I’m setting max items and page number for the main “liquor” and not the subsequent sub menus, but I don’t see any option for setting this option for sub menus.

Thanks for the help.


Don’t use paging for this case. You can have sub categories for sub categories by configuring them with comma like sub1,sub2

You can find some screenshots here.


Thanks @emre. So basically the page system doesn’t work with sub menus.

If there is no product on sub1 the sub menus do not show. I put all my items, for instance, under sub1,sub2. After doing so the category shows up as blank. Do I need an item in the first sub as a place holder or is there a better fix for this?


OK. I was improving sub menus according to latest discussions about how sub categories should appear. I’ll take this into the account too.

For know you should have at least one button for the category.

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