Sub menu tags invisible. Spooky!

I’ve reorganised my menus using sub menus. They work beautifully on my Win 10 PC but not on my tablet. The reason for reorganising was to make using the tablet easier to use when taking customers’ orders. I will attach a photo of the same menu on both the PC and the tablet. Thank you for reading this, please help if you can.

Is that the app or windows tablet in portrait mode?

The portrait one is on my PC and that is perfect. The landscape version is on my tablet, it lists everything without the sub menus that I’ve made.

Thanks for having a look, much appreciated.

Yer, so tablet doesnt have submenu tabs? Im not sure the current android app supports submenus.

Do you know what version is the latest? I’ve had this installed for at least a couple of years, quite disappointed with it so we haven’t used it; preferring paper and pen then back to the PC to make the order. I could really use a tablet order system though as, in the summer, most of our guests are outside on the terrace.

The newest one will be version. 3 and it is not released yet. It will solve most of these issues. V2 does not support them.

Thanks, Jesse. Any idea of a release date or a ß version?

And submenus can’t be made to work on the tablet?

Submenu can not work on v2. It will release soon. Very soon.

Thank you, I look forward to installing it.

Is was just about to order the mobile app. Glad I browsed the threads first. :wink:

Will there be an upgrade path between v2 and v3? Or will I have to purchase a new license again when v3 arrives.

Good idea. I’ve had loads of problems with it stalling and crashing. Mind you, if you’re keen to have a mobile app, it might be worth a try if there isn’t going to be a new charge for V3. I was told V3 was being released about a year ago so, be prepared for a wait!

Does anyone know how it works? My chef tells me, the mobile unit communicates with my server through the internet; in other words, it goes around the world to reach my server which is four metres away. I thought it used Bluetooth. I have Sumup (payment gateway) on the same mobile and that works brilliantly all of the time, do they use the same systems? Is there any point in upgrading the tablet we use? Would that make Sambapos more reliable? I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 that we could use instead of the LenovoTB730 we are presently using. It would be so good to have some help with this please SambaPOS.

The v2 app doesnt use internet for db comunication, it uses the message server on LAN.
Payment gateways likely use internet as often go via the card companies API which is a good thing as eleiviates the PCI burden for the POS system.

Thanks JRTech, that’s going to cost my clever-clogs-chef a beer. :upside_down_face:or two.

Please tell me, would the mobile client improve if I deleted all of the transactions on the server? Maybe just leave the last month or so? Would changing to a better tablet/ phone make a substantial difference?

Thank you for your guidance.


That would have no affect on mobile client.

Even buying a super-duper phone?

Hi Jesse, is there anything that I can do to make it work more reliably?

I don’t understand your issue. Few tips.

Make sure message server is running on a server with enough memory and cpu to support it well.

Ensure your wifi network is strong

Use decent devices not cheapo ones

Keep sambapos up to date

Thanks Jesse;

Make sure message server is running on a server with enough memory and cpu to support it well.I’ll call my computer wizard and ask him to check

Ensure your wifi network is strong, I’ll call my computer wizard and ask him to check.

Use decent devices not cheapo ones, I don’t use cheapo but I will upgrade the mobile that we have for Sambapos

Keep sambapos up to date, where should I go for the latest Sambapos? Has the mobile been updated recently? Over the past couple of years?

Keep well, thank you for your support.


We are no longer going to update v2. We will release a new version of mobile.