Suggestion for Exit SambaPOS button

Hi @emre

Any possibility we can have the Exit button to request an Admin PIN to exit SambaPOS or move the exit button to Navigation Screen?

We do not want our servers to exit SambaPOS and browse the web. It would be helpful if only administrator can exit SambaPOS.


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I agree with you it would make things easier if we could control it.

However; It is possible to do what you want through Windows Group Policies if it is running on a windows computer.

Here is a place to start:

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It would be way to involved for me to write a tutorial on exactly how to do it. But using Group Policy you can make a terminal boot directly into Samba and Samba would be the ONLY application visible on that terminal. Maybe I will make a video of me doing it someday… but right now it would take too much resources away from other projects I need to get done.

I am sure if you looked on the internet hard enough you could find some decent tutorials on how to set it up.

To be honest I would rather have a strong Group Policy setup vs having the Exit Button disabled. With Group Policy you can truly lock down what they can do with the computer. just disabling the exit button would be temporary and anyone semi smart would figure out a way around it… including how to minimize, run task manager etc.

I’ve implemented hiding Exit button for V2 but somehow it does not exist for V3 and V4… lol I don’t know why. I’ve implemented it because someone complained children hanging around venue plays with wall mounted terminals and clicks Exit button :slight_smile:

Of course there are lots of shortcuts that brings start menu in front of SambaPOS and just hiding exit button can’t be a solution for misuses. I’ve read somewhere it is possible with Group Policy configuration but I never tried it.

Hi @Jesse

We currently are running Windows 8.1 Home. Windows 8.1 Home does not support Group Policy. Most All-in-One touch screen computers in US are sold with Windows 8 Home.

I am aware GP can lock down the workstation to perform as a kiosk, but Group Policy will not disable Exit button on SambaPOS. Can you give some pointers to disable Exit button with GP.

My recommendation is not to disable Exit button.

Recommendation 1:

A user presses Exit button–>SambaPOS should ask for PIN. If PIN entered is part of Admin role SambaPOS exits to Windows. If non-admin PIN is entered, SambaPOS displays a message “Enter Admin PIN to exit POS”.

Recommendation 2:

Move Exit button next to Log out button. There is no need to ask for admin PIN here. Servers should not have access to Navigation Screen.

I don’t know why, but you kids don’t like to listen. :smile:

Hi @emre

If this option does not exist on V4, can we move it Navigation Screen?

Start Menu, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Alt+Del are easily disabled using registry keys.

I consider this request a low priority, but I saw it as a weakness for anyone to exit the POS. I am making the recommendation based on my experience with various restaurant POS software and as a IT professional.

Hopefully, we make SambaPOS the leading POS software for the restaurant industry.

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I completely understand what you are saying. I even agree about the Exit button. I was trying to point out that just moving the exit button will not prevent employees from being able to bypass SambaPOS and surf the web. They can simply minimize the application.

Group Policy cannot change the behavior of the Exit Button it would make it so if they press the Exit Button it would just immediately reload a SAMBA instance. And if they minimized the application it would not allow any other interaction.


Disabling above mention shortcut keys and disabling Exit button would do a great deal preventing POS being closed or minimized.

Since SambaPOS does not display a visible toolbar, double clicking SambaPOS toolbar is remote possibility.

Best Regards,

It would really help if Exit button will request an Admin PIN to exit SambaPOS.
Can you demonstrate how to set up the Group Policy on win8 to not allow any other interaction if a user minimized the application?
Thanks in advance.

I can but its not an easy task for me to explain as a simple tutorial. When I get home ill attempt to explain. If you have no experience with GP it might be tough to follow.

Using group policy you can pretty much change entire behavior of windows for specific users.

If you wanted the ONLY application to be accessible is Samba you can do that. If you wanted to restrict access to only allow notepad you can.

You can also tie on behavior like when a preventing a program from minimizing or when a program is exited it relogs user and simply loads that program again.

I’d be very grateful if you could try to simplify this step by step tutorial.
i need ONLY application to be accessible is Sambapos.

@pizzaeilat4, @na1978 should we really ask Admin PIN on PIN entry screen ? :slight_smile: I think just hiding it for specific user roles will do the job.

@Jesse maybe finding a nice a tutorial about it will also do the job since it is not something specific for SambaPOS. For example seems explaining it.

It has been around for a long time. Yes you need the Pro version of windows to enable it. Its possible to simulate it in hone via registry magic but I don’t recommend that its not easy to reverse

Your right Emre I agree

I agree with you emre thet will do the job.
Is this option already exists?


Hiding should work.

Kiosk mode is not a ideal option. We do not have Domain Controllers running to turn this policy on and off.

If we use local group policy to turn a PC into a kiosk mode, we would lock ourselves out of that terminal.

I’ve just tested it and we can configure group polices for non-administrator users.

You would not lock yourself out of the terminal using local GP as long as you do not build the GP on the Administrator account.

I always recommend (Especially for a critical business system) to get it configured how you want for a live running system and then create backup image of it as well as keep regular database backups.

Its extremely important to do this if you are not sure about GP because you can royally screw up your system if you do not know what you are doing with GP.

I wouldn’t even attempt anything with GP that I have mentioned without a good solid image backup of the working system you want to try it on.

Too late I’ve been caught up in a state that I can not run much of anything how can i disable it?

Sending you a PM to help you better there.

In my opinion, we should fix the Exit button. GP might be useful, but most people can not setup it up properly.

A simple task to delete a print job out of printer queue becomes a hard task to accomplish if you have GP turned on.

Just my two cents. :smile: