Suggestions on how to tell people to END WORK PERIOD

New restaurant, new pos.

A lot of the new people run a report at the end of the night and do not end work period at the very end of night before lock up.

Any suggestions on how to get them to remember to end work period.
(besides a sticky note on the computer).

You could run virtual workperiods and it wont matter. They can remember once a week to end it. Unless you do daily stock takes?

Currently not doing inventory with it, just the end of day sales reports. When we end work period I have it emailing the end of day report and item sales to the owner. If they forget to end work period to kick this off, no email.

You could set that to run on a trigger at specific time and use virtual work periods this guarantees they wont accidentally mess up a reporting period. Or you can set it to auto close work period with the action but it will not work if a ticket is left open.

It already has in big red letters at bottom not to forget.

The most effective way is to let them know how serious it is if they do not end WP. My people dont want my wrath if they forget. So they rarely forget.

We are rolling out cc integration in the US and I am pushing to have CC Batch out tied to Work period end. So it would be simple then no wp end… no getting paid.

I usually mention it plenty of times during the training that it needs to be done because it separates reports and creates a backup.

I usually say if you dont end it, backup doesnt get created. If something was to happen next day amd there is no backup you are going to be responsible.

Just the thought of responsibility usually gets them to do it.

That is exactly why I want it done at close.

Well to be honest there were instances where owners deducted a whole day of salary for not closing it because reports were messed up.

Not that I ever recommend such actions but they never forgot after that. Lol

However you can create a trigger and constrait it to certain time of the day or night in which SambaPOS will execute End Work Period.

I would recommend you to test it carefully before you implement such automation

This is why I use virtual work periods. Reports never mess up. I just close wp when I think about it or need to do stock take.

Ok so the work period is a default of 24 hours correct? So if I Virtual start it at 8 (AM) It will start a new one on 8 am the next day correct?
Samba will collect them and you would have to select each one to close if they didnt close it nightly.

I just think if they dont do it nightly this could get messy. Sure they can print their z report at the end of the night, but there is no db backup. Then what happens when they want to close each one, does it try and kick off a db back up each time, and then there is my email script.

No so let me explain how vwp works.

Virtual work periods takes the time you define as the start of a wp and the last paid ticket before that start time is the end point for reports. It doesn’t actually end anything. When you do end wp it uses that same logic to generate those work periods.

So reports will always be from your defined start time until last paid ticket.

If I may add,
So reports will always be from your defined start time until last paid ticket …before the virtual start of the next wp

It won’t do backup until you manually end wp. So if you need more frequent just used scheduled backups.

If you close manually it will start a wp automatically at that defined start time that’s why I termed it that way.

So another benefit of using it is you never have to remember to start wp if you decide to manually close every night. But if you forget to close. It’s ok it will keep report integrety

I do use it, I just felt like it should be closed each night, and they keep forgetting.
I felt like the email report was a good idea and it works off the Work Period Close.
I also like the backup, cause right now we are making so many changes often till the menu is sorted out.

I may could schedule a Sunday backup later and might could just do a timed email report send.

I agree, I use vwp but I close every night. It’s handy knowing if I forget it’s still ok report wise.