Suppliers Module

Hello everyone!

I am using warehouses+entities+accounts as suppliers and it works fine but can we have a seperate module for suppliers which is not warehouse based? A suppliers module where we can specify payment method to supplier based on payment types set in the system, input tax, invoice total etc. And produce a GRV document with Supplier details and items received on that particular invoice or per supplier.

Any idea??? How this can be achieved?

Warehouses will cause confusion on the Inventory End Of Day records to customers who want to see only things they are dealing with. All supplier warehouses appear on the EOD records screen and it doesn’t look good if you have many suppliers.

Well, unlike account transaction - inventory transactions dont need a source warehouse. So all your suppliers entities could be Local Warehouse and it will only increase with purchase transactions. I see no point in having multiple warehouses unless you are actually moving stock from Warehouse 1 to Warehouse 2.

Not long ago I also created a report that gives a list of all category purchases from suppliers and breaks it down to items, quantities, units etc.