Surface Tablet as Terminal


That Audry system is way better for a restaurant POS and it’s high specced for a lot less than a similar surface.


Even in that dock thing you showed pictures of?
I wouldn’t use them for a busy bar but other hotel in group are looking at switching to samba with my PMS intergration again and they have a few terminals which are lighter use in restaurant where tidy less cables would be preferable.


When you say I sell do you mean mark?


I can order you some good terminals that would look really good and be more cost effective than surface. They will ship to just about anywhere. I’ll get you a price sheet tonight.


No I sell them. I’m partnered with partner tech.


Which surface was it you were using though? Was performance ok? Just there are some good deals on the older versions available on eBay.


Those Audry sustems are not as high as you would think. Specially considering they come with super fast m2 ssd


Oh I had surface pro 3.


I can sell to you just slightly higher than partner price and you can price them to your hotel however you want. I’ll get you my partner price list tonight.


It shows all the terminals I sell with partner price and retail price.


Krikey, pretty new at the time?!
You did say you resell? Either way.
I would be more comfortable with a new all in one but avoid used/refurbed all in ones, generally lower spec and high/expensive maintenance. New if it were the case would be preferred.
I’m sure mark is a partner too.


The ones I sell through partner tech are new and cone with 5 year warranty which is really nice. He is yes our prices will be similar but I think they differ a little. He might be better since he’s local to you but I can sell to you too.


Thanks, I’ll speak to him first as like you say local and have had stuff through him before.
So definitely reconmend against surface?


Are those 5 GALLON syrup boxes? Wow, that’s allot of syrup, our boxes tare only 6-7L so maybe 1.5 gallons.


Yeah I go through a lot. Not all are 5gal just Dr pepper, coke, Sprite, pink lemonade. The others are 2.5 gal


I go though 2- 5 gal coke and Dr pepper a week


Saying that our coke and lemonade are dual hookup so not that far off I guess.


I have a big 300 gal co2 tank outside I never have to unhook they just top it off every so many weeks.


Wow, think the co2 for coke etc they get are only 9L, the waist heigh ones, maybe 5-6 of them. BOC only come every 3 weeks now too which is stupidly long.


I get a good deal. I just pay for the co2 they can it off with and it’s not very much. I forget what my rare was but it’s cheap I used to use my own bottles and have them filled. I had to disconnect etc. No more disconnect and no more worry about it.