Surface Tablet as Terminal

I go though 2- 5 gal coke and Dr pepper a week

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Saying that our coke and lemonade are dual hookup so not that far off I guess.

I have a big 300 gal co2 tank outside I never have to unhook they just top it off every so many weeks.

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Wow, think the co2 for coke etc they get are only 9L, the waist heigh ones, maybe 5-6 of them. BOC only come every 3 weeks now too which is stupidly long.

I get a good deal. I just pay for the co2 they can it off with and it’s not very much. I forget what my rare was but it’s cheap I used to use my own bottles and have them filled. I had to disconnect etc. No more disconnect and no more worry about it.

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My really dated kitchen that hopefully I’ll remodel next year.


@jtrtech I didnt answer one of your questions. You asked if I thought surface tablets were a good solution. I think they are one of the best tablet solutions out there for SambaPOS if your in the market for a tablet look or function. If you need a heavy duty dust/splash resistant terminal that gets used a LOT then no I dont recommend them.

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Thanks LOL, that answers that :slight_smile: