Swap Order Tags

any one know a way to have a negative order tag?

We get customers that want to swap one order tag for another…

we have setup the order tags with all the different food options they may want as extra $$.

However some customers order breakfast (that is a set meal of eggs, bacon, sausage, fries etc) and often they will say can I swap the bacon for another sausage, so ideally we want to be able to hit NO Bacon and have it take the price of Bacon off and then press Sausage to add an extra sausage and to charge for the sausage.

The 2 options Bacon & Sausage have different prices hence why we want to deduct Bacon price and charge for Sausage.

If I use the Prefix option it stops the ordertag from working correctly, i.e. I can not hit Egg then Egg again to charge for 2 extra eggs. Prefix stops multiple press of the modifier button.

I guess I could set up NO product tags with $- price but I would have to do that for every modifier and there are a lot.

any help is appreciated

Order tags support negative numbers.

Sorry Jesse but that doesn’t answer the issue we have as detailed.

Fully aware of that Order Tags support negatives… the issue is how we instruct the kitchen and the bill to swap an included $7 side for a $5 side.

If Prefix worked correctly and allow a x-1 then the issue would not exist.

Prefix causing the multi press issue is a bug no eta on a fix atm the team is very busy. But Order Tags support negative numbers you would have to setup individual tags for that.