Switch between Departments

This request was still not solved many users, as a retail shop may not need this but for restaurants deliverers it is compulsory here an situation: A customer came and dine there and want to take some thing to home in on e ticket ( may create different tickets and merge but this s not a ideal for busy environment). While Some cases some people order at counter and need to wait until u close one ticket and enter another ticket in take away and then merge later to pay in one bill some times customer ask for another dish again open first ticket.
many people have managed in different ways through automation and actions but still there is no proper setting I found. Can @emre please develop/guide which setting is good or needed a action to toggle/switch between department/pricing would be very handy feature in future. AS v5 has many features why not this hope its took place.

Here use ticket tag/automation command toggle

Everyone has its own way to run things. There is no right or wrong. @QMcKay use Ticket Tag Toggle, @Jesse use Ask question when create ticket.

I use both method. I use 1 department for all type of orders. So, I have no problem switch department or ticket type.

No need for departments when you can now switch menu from inside a ticket. Just make an eat in menu and a takeaway menu. Set pricing accordingly and automate a button to swap menu.

This will allow someone to add take away item from take away menu while they also have eat in items on same ticket.

This is available with v5. I will build a short tutorial in a few minutes. I am currently tending a fire for my smoker at the restaurant.

@kendash That would be great help for all thanks a lot

The tutorial is posted.

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following the discussion above kindly let e know the name of the tutorial you posted,