Switching between portrait and landscape screen on tablet

Been tinkingering with the portrait mode on a tablet and have noticed if your in portrait mode and click the close after adding products and return to landscape the menu categories stay at the height of that from portrait mode with a scroll bar.
It only seems to be after clicking that add order close button as switching between at other times it readjusts the button heights.
This is with the 0 (automatic) button height option.

I’ve also noticed another issue, when in portrait mode, if you click add products then once you click close, the buttons down the right side take up almost half of the screen. Switching to landscape then back to portrait and they go back to normal. Not sure if it’s related but might be since it relates to button height / sizing.

This is on 5.1.57. I have used tablets before on earlier versions and I’m sure it didn’t have this issue then (as it is quite noticeable).

In the video, compare 0:01 to 0:11.

Hello @markjw what is the make and model of your tablet that appears in this video?

It’s an 8" PiPO W4s, mine has 2Gb RAM and 32Gb flash, however the standard spec now is with 64Gb flash. You can read a review online here.

It’s dual boot Windows 10 and Android 4.4, but I have no interest in the Android part plus Windows is given most of the flash storage over Android.

It runs SambaPOS pretty ok, I have some clients using these for waiter tablets. However the 8" screen size is a bit small for anything other than using the POS screen to take orders.

They don’t sell in every country, you can buy on PiPO Store but I am unsure if that is being shipped directly from China and therefore delivery might be slow depending on where you live. I buy directly from my local supplier in Hong Kong, if you are interested my company also sells them but it depends where you are located. If you’re interested send me a PM.

yes @markjw I could see on the site, the specifications and looks good really. interest me.