Table and Takeaway on same bill

I have 2 Departments Restaurant and Takeaway. They both have different menus and prices. The restaurant is setup with tables. I am trying to figure out if a customer is at a table and decides they want to get a takeaway and add it to the bill. At the moment I have to settle the table bill and then click on takeaway department. I cant add it to the table as the take-away department buttons are grayed out when in restaurant. In Takeaway the select table button is grayed out.

Hi Jay007, your question is a little vague.
If somebody order on the table, the table prises are calculated and orders are send to the kitchen.
There is an option to move customer, or table. So if you would create some take away tables you can move them there. Not sure of you can move from one department to other department as the kitchen flow would get confused. So de question here is will the price change as people change there mind to have take away? We would need some additional info and more detail what you like to achieve.

The scenario would be lets say you have a 2 customers sitting at a table and they get a text from their hungry teenager at home saying " Any chance of getting me a takeaway I’m starving" :grinning:

They ask the waiter for a takeaway and to add the takeaway onto the table bill and they will pay the full amount when leaving. I have 2 separate menus one for takeaway and one for restaurant and the prices are different on both. I’m not sure how much info you need?

You cant switch between menus in V4 you have to do them seperately. When V5 launches you will be able to switch between menus in the same ticket so you will then be able to do what your asking

For now though its not possible

Ok, so if I understand you don’t like to create a separate bill for Dine in, and Take-Away (would be the most easy way as you work with different departments and prises) let me think about this of this is posible.

Did not read the RickH comments, but waiting on V5 would be the solution then.

Thanks for the reply I may wait for V5 to be released so. I thought that scenario would be a very common practice for Dine in/Takeaway.

Yes version 5 will do what you want. I personally do not use separate departments for my Take Away and Dine In. I use Ticket Tags. You can even adjust prices etc when Ticket is Tagged. Another approach would be states. Even these methods would not let you swap menu’s within a ticket though that can only be done in v5.

Thanks I will look into Ticket Tags. The only reason I have two menus is because of the different prices. A lot of the products are the same.

There are other ways to do price changes like that. If items are the same and its just a different price for Takeout then you can use Custom product tags or even Price Lists and Update Order actions triggered when Take Away tag is added.

It will not separate them on the built in Work Period report in v4 but you can create nice custom reports that separates it. And in v5 you can customize the WP report to your own needs.

If you feel you must need a separate menu then v5 allows full menu switch from within ticket.