Table not changing color after settle

Hello there,
Please help, after install and added advanced delivery screen setup from the task configuration tables table color is not updating.
It works fine when table is occupied and when it ask for the bill it changes color but when the bill is paid it doesnt change back to white or available.

checked rules and looks fine

please help!!

I cannot see anything in the Delivery Config Task that would affect your Tables Entity Type or the Status state of Entities in general.

Show these Rules with Actions expanded:

  • Update New Order Entity Color
  • Ticket Closing Rule
  • Update Available Entity Color

hope it helps, it is in spanish but if needed can change it back to english
thank you

That last one doesn’t look right to me but hard to tell as don’t speak your language.

State something New Orders
Update entity state to available?

Can’t read it but doesn’t sound right…

ok changed language to English

here are the screenshots again

please help

Maybe Delivery altered them?

In any case, these are the defaults of those Rules …





Thank you sooo much @QMcKay
dont know how they got changed
your screenshots really helped
everything back to normal